Are You Management Material? Develop the Skills You Need To Succeed

March 22, 2021

Many managers find themselves promoted to a leadership position because of their success in a previous role, rather than through an assessment that they possess the skills and abilities required to be a successful manager. That’s not to say that you can’t learn the necessary skills on the job — every new role has challenges requiring growth and continuous learning. However, if there’s not a concrete training plan for developing those skills, success is far from certain. 

The organizational benefits of effective managers are plentiful. Skilled managers can drive a company’s vision and business goals forward with fewer bumps in the road. They can inspire and get the most out of their team, coordinate work across teams or departments, manage the overall workflow and keep others in the company apprised of project statuses. 

But the skills you might think you need as a manager could be completely different from the skills your employees want you to have — let alone the people who train managers. With so many perspectives to weigh, what are the skills that can set you up for management success? 

Eight Skills for Effective Managers 

You may already possess some of these skills, or perhaps this is the first time you’re considering the importance of some of the things I listed above. If you find yourself in a management position, the eight skills above can get you pointed in the right direction, but there’s no endpoint to the journey. 

One final skill I didn’t include above is the drive for continuous improvement. Don’t get caught up in the trap of thinking you have “arrived.” There are always new trends to follow and new lessons to learn. Consider finding a mentor to help you develop in your career, and seek out peers (whether inside or outside of your organization) who can serve as a sounding board. 

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