9 Reasons Hiring Managers Will Remember You

“The more knowledge a candidate has and can demonstrate where they will fit in and how they will add value to the company, the better the impression they will leave on a hiring manager.”

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Why Becoming a Fiduciary Is a Smart Move for Life Insurance Agents

If you only sell life insurance, it could be worthwhile to consider obtaining a securities license and becoming a fiduciary.

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5 Trends to Watch in the Insurance Industry

Here are five of the biggest trends I’ve seen lately in the insurance industry and how they’re impacting insurance companies, financial professionals and consumers.

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Consider These Conversations To Set Up Your Clients for Future Success

Financial professionals should be prepared to have conversations that may have seemed off the table a few months ago. Here are a few topics you should consider bringing up today to help set your clients up for a successful future.

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5 Ways Financial Professionals Are Using the Shutdown to Their Advantage

Across the country, work and life as we knew it ground to a halt and we entered a radically different landscape. In the insurance and financial services industries, financial professionals have been faced with the need to adapt their approach to work to stay afloat.

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How Can You Forecast in a Crisis?

At the beginning of the year (or your fiscal year) you set a budget, based on a certain run rate of sales to expenses. Whatever you run, you will guesstimate your sales and the expenses required to make those sales.

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