Budgeting for the Holidays

Making — and sticking to a budget — is one of the simplest steps you can take to ensure financial planning success. Around the holidays, though, it can be tough to stick to your plan, and you can easily find yourself going over budget.

Here are some ideas I shared with FOX 10 Phoenix for holiday gifts on a budget.

Again, here are some takeaways for giving gifts on a budget:

  • Look for and use coupons and online codes.
  • Share information — especially a separate email address just for this purpose — to earn extra discounts.
  • Consider not exchanging gifts with certain people you might normally swap gifts with — for example, my wife and I don’t exchange gifts.
  • When shopping in-person, try to pay in cash and carry large bills. You’ll think twice about how much you’re spending when you have to break a large-denomination bill.
  • Make use of your creative side and look for opportunities to give handmade or personalized gifts — or gift experiences or events, like cooking a meal together.

Don’t feel compelled to break the bank this holiday season. Get creative and think outside the box, and look for give gifts that will make a greater impact on the recipient than on your wallet.


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