Sankalp Yamsani — City Recycle Day App

I was delighted to hear that Brokers International intern Sankalp Yamsani and his team are winners of the Congressional App Challenge for the Iowa district. The Congressional App Challenge is a public effort to encourage kids to learn how to code, through annual district-wide competitions hosted by Members of Congress for their district.

Sankalp came to us as an intern in June 2017 as part of Waukee High School’s school-to-work program. It’s a fantastic initiative that Brokers International is happy to support — we feel it’s very important to mentor young leaders in many fields, including technology.

Sankalp and his fellow students created the City Recycle Day App that reminds you when to put your trash out, indicating how many days until Black Lid or Green Lid pickup day. The App pulls your trash pickup schedule by Zip Code. It is currently available for the City of Clive, and the team are working to expand the availability to other locations.

National Mentoring Month just wrapped up in January. Hearing about Sankalp finding his purpose and really thriving makes me think back to the many enlightened people who made an impact on me as I developed professionally, and also the exceptional individuals with whom I have had the pleasure to work with as a mentor. I believe that no leaders have reached their potential without the support and coaching from those who came before them.

Sankalp continues to work with us, and has proven himself to be an essential part of Brokers International’s IT department. He is involved in application development, business intelligence initiatives, IT infrastructure automation and monitoring and we are fortunate to have this intelligent young man as part of our team. Sankalp has been accepted to University of Illinois and will focus his studies on Computer Engineering.

Congratulations Sankalp from all of us at Brokers International!

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