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Question Mark: How much should I take out each year?

If you’ve been diligently saving money throughout your career, hopefully you’ve built up a nice nest egg to draw down from throughout your golden years. But your retirement savings are finite — you want to make sure your funds are able to support you throughout your whole retirement, not run out within the first few years. So for many people, a very pressing first question following retirement is, “How much should I take out each year?”


Question Mark: What advantage does an annuity give me?

Once you’re starting to take it out or annuities, which is where it gets its name, that paycheck will come to you on a regular basis. It will never go up. It will never go down. It’s not affected by interest rates or the stock market. You’ll receive that paycheck until the day you die and possibly past.


Question Mark: What is an annuity?

I love annuities; I think they’re significantly underused in individuals’ retirement strategies. But if you’re asking, “What is an annuity?” I’ve got the answer right here.


Question Mark: Why should I buy life insurance?

Some people think talking about life insurance is taboo. They may be right that it is a morbid subject, but I believe it necessary when speaking on retirement planning. Regardless, they almost always have the same question in the end: “Is life insurance worth it?”