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“Nobody follows a leader who only talks the talk. Either lead the way or get out of the way.”


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Why Is Personal Branding Important?

Changing what you’re known for isn’t easy, but it can be done. Whatever it is you want to change, create a personal branding strategy you can follow to make sure the way your individual branding is experienced aligns with your goals.


How To Save Money: 10 Expert-Backed Ways

Are you getting the most from your money when it comes to your retirement plan? Here are some ideas I gave to US News & World Report for how you can maximize your funds for your future.

Question Mark Retirement Planning Series


Question Mark: Retirement Planning

What questions do you have about retirement? I sat down to answer the most common questions people ask about retirement planning, for the first Question Mark video series.


Question Mark: How much should I take out each year?

If you’ve been diligently saving money throughout your career, hopefully you’ve built up a nice nest egg to draw down from throughout your golden years. But your retirement savings are finite — you want to make sure your funds are able to support you throughout your whole retirement, not run out within the first few years. So for many people, a very pressing first question following retirement is, “How much should I take out each year?”