Retirement planning: Everybody needs to do it, but many people don’t know where to begin. For a lot of people, it seems like there are more questions than answers, and it can be hard to know where to go for reliable information on financial planning for retirement.

Many people get overwhelmed when they start thinking about the retirement planning process. I get it — nobody wants to run out of money during retirement, but planning a decades-long financial strategy isn’t up everyone’s alley. Whether you’re fast approaching retirement age or you just want to be prepared, it’s important to know how you can approach some of the most important financial decisions you can make to help you maintain the lifestyle you want in retirement.

I know it’s not always easy to find clear answers to your retirement questions. There’s a lot of information out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s all helpful, reliable or accessible.

To help you know how to plan for retirement, I’ve put together a video series — Question Mark — to provide clear, helpful answers to some of the most common retirement planning questions. These answers should give you a solid understanding and foundation as you start to think about planning financially for your retirement. To go deeper, I recommend you meet with a financial advisor who can help you with your specific goals and circumstances.

You can watch the full Retirement Planning series below, or you can use these links to access 1-minute videos with answers to specific questions.

  1. When should I start saving for retirement?
  2. How much should I save for retirement?
  3. Should I contribute to a 401K?
  4. How should I get started with investing?
  5. Why should I buy life insurance?
  6. What is term life insurance?
  7. How is permanent life different from term?
  8. What is an annuity?
  9. What advantage does an annuity give me?
  10. Why is it dangerous to rely on Social Security?
  11. When should I start taking Social Security payments?
  12. Is it OK to withdraw retirement funds early?
  13. When should I start withdrawing funds?
  14. How much should I take out each year?

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