Hey, everyone. Hope this video finds you well, as always.

Today I wanted to cover the three most important questions that you can ask yourself before you do just about anything. Seems crazy, right?I’ll jump right in.

Question number one. Why do you plan on doing what you’re about to do? Why do you plan on going where you’re going? Why do you plan on walking into this meeting? Why are you scheduling a meeting? So question number one, why do you plan on doing what you’re about to do?

Question number two. What are you going to do when you get there? What’s the agenda for the meeting? What’s the plan for vacation? What’s the schedule of events? What do you plan on doing while you’re there?

And finally, probably the most important question, what’s your expectation when you’re done or when it’s over?

So I’ll give you two separate scenarios. We’re planning a vacation. We’re going here because we’ve never been there before and it checks all the boxes. What are we going to do when we get there? Absolutely nothing. We’re going to sit on the beach, we’re going to have a cocktail and not answer our phone. What’s the expectation when you leave that you’re recharged and rested and ready to go.

But what if you’re walking into a client meeting? One. Why are you going? I want to provide more services. I want to let my customers know that I provide more services or more products than they might know. What do I plan on doing when I’m there? I want to meet with these three people. I want to cover these topics. I’m going to create an agenda and I’m going to cover this agenda.

And then I’m going to ask myself what’s my expectation when I return? Maybe it’s to solidify the relationship. Maybe it’s to offer and sell more products and services. Maybe it’s just to get in front of someone again and see them once again.

So I’ll challenge you. Ask yourself those three simple questions before you do just about anything. And I think you’ll find a renewed focus, renewed energy, and most importantly, renewed expectations.

So I wish you luck. Give it a try.

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