Hey everybody, I hope this video finds you well.

I was recently asked to describe the attributes of my favorite boss, and I like that question, and I thought I’d share it on LinkedIn.

So a few of the attributes of my favorite boss and I’ll start with autonomous. He allowed me to work autonomously, didn’t ask a lot of questions to me about the work, didn’t ask what I was doing, didn’t report back very often about when I had to have things completed. He allowed me to run my own show. And that led to the second greatest attribute was trust. He never asked if the job was going to get done. He knew it would get done. He never had to ask for a report. I just provided the report. He allowed me and trusted me to get the job done.

And that showed through with his management on a day-to-day basis. I learned from him how to ask great questions. He was fantastic and one of the most inquisitive people I’ve ever met. But more importantly than that, he knew how to ask a question to get a response. And he taught me that. Probably one of the best things he ever taught me was how to ask a question, and he’s a person that can ask almost anyone almost anything and he gets a response. I learned a lot from that. So that trust, that autonomous, that asking questions.

But finally, and the most important attribute in my opinion, is that he was invested in my success. He wanted me to succeed. And even when I left that organization and I left and moved on, he was thrilled for me because I was succeeding in where I wanted to go, not the fact that I was moving up, that I was moving on to where I wanted to be, and he was invested in that success. And that was probably the most important reason why he’s on the top of my list of my favorite bosses.

So I’ll ask you, what are the attributes of your favorite bosses?

Please put those down in the comments, and then I’d like you to ask you to ask yourself, do you have those same attributes? Hopefully you do.

Good luck, take care.

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