Happy New Year, everybody. Welcome to 2021.

For a lot of us, a big sigh of relief and hopefully a lot of optimism for the new year.

When you run a sales organization, January 1 starts the clock. And anything that happened in the previous this year, well, you congratulate, you celebrate, and you move on.

So to this year, I wish everyone a bunch of luck. And hopefully with some of the videos that I’ve seen in the past, start thinking about the goals, the initiatives that you want to put in place, how to motivate compensate your employees.

But the wonderful thing about starting over is just that you get to start all over, learn from some of  your mistakes, hopefully put in some of the processes and procedures that you’ve worked on and built in the last year and see how they perform. So keep this short.

May all of you have a really fantastic year, hope you had a safe and happy holiday season, and let’s knock it out in 2021.

Good luck.

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