Hey, everybody, I hope this video finds you well.

I was recently conducting a job interview for an open position that we have here at Brokers International, and the candidate asked me a really interesting question that I thought I’d share.

They said, “Assume I’m hired. After a few months in the role, how can I be noticed by senior management?” Great question. Love the enthusiasm.

And so as I thought and contemplated on a few of the answers, I thought I’d give those to you at what at least impresses me and what we speak about in senior management meetings. And I’ll start with punctuality.

My dad always taught me — my dad’s a sales guy —If you’re not early you’re late. And my son teases me all the time, “Dad, we’re always ten minutes early for everything.”Be early. Be on time. Be prepared. Have your notebook open. Have a pen ready. Have anything, the ancillary materials you need for that meeting. Maybe supporting materials. Be ready to go. People will appreciate it.

Which leads to number two is dependability and reliability. Be the go-to person. Be dependable. Be reliable. Be the person that people go to because they know either you’ll have an answer or you’ll find it and you’ll get it done. Everyone knows those people in the office and they’re a joy to be around because you know they’ll take care of something. So be dependable. Be reliable.

You’re already on time. Now I want you to be positive. It’s tough in today’s world to always be positive. But everyone knows the people that are just always on in the office. You know that if this person walks in the room, they brighten up the room. Glass is always half full for them. And that always feels good. So be positive.

Now you’re punctual. Now you’re dependable. You’re reliable. You’re also positive. And most importantly, you also know when not to talk. Stay away from the rumor mill. The gossip in a company is horrible and people pay attention to those that get involved in it and those that don’t.

So just a few tips to stand out and make sure you’re getting noticed.

I wish you luck.

Take care.

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