Hey, everybody, I hope you’re off to a great summer. I’m going to take you back to my first job. So I was 14 years old the summer in between my 9th and 10th grade high school years, and I was earning an allowance and doing odd jobs around the house and the neighborhood.

And I asked my parents if I could get a job working for a real store or a real business. And they said yes, as long as I could get to and from work on my own and it didn’t inhibit any homework when school started or I could take care of all my other responsibilities.

So I pulled out a map. I took a look at where I could get to by bus or on my bike. And I went knocking door to door at several strip malls that were near my home. And I came across a small, privately owned store furniture store called the Storehouse, and they sold tabletops and bases and furniture.

And I went in to the owners, and I had a real brief conversation and asked if they needed any help.

I could feel in the first couple of minutes of that conversation there was quite a bit of hesitancy. Of course, then I didn’t know if it was because of my age or maybe they had never hired a young person or they really didn’t need part time work.

But I made them a proposal, and this is how I landed my first job. I asked him if I could work for the organization for two weeks at no cost to them. And if I didn’t provide any value at the end of the two weeks, they could send me home, no risk to them. But if I did provide value and they like the work that I did, I asked them to pay me for the two weeks and then put me on somewhat of a regular schedule.

And that’s exactly what happened. I have very fond memories of that first job, and quite frankly, I consider that my first sale because I actually had to sell myself into that position.

So I’d ask you find memories of your first job, what are they? And what interesting scenario around that first job? So leave it in the comments where you worked your first job and whether it was good for you.

Take care, and I wish you well.

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