So tell me about your brand.

A question I ask a room full of sole proprietors quite often is how many of you have a brand? And tell me about it. And Unfortunately, I think a lot of people associate their brand with their logo to totally two separate things. And the story I like to tell to emphasize just that is think about trick or treating when you’re a kid.

In my neighborhood, we always knew exactly the homes that gave out the best candy. We also knew the homes that gave out nickels or boxes of raisins. Right. That ultimately was their brand. So tell me about your brand. Well, we all have a brand, and I’ll submit to you that I think your brand is what people say about you when you’re not around. Your brand is important. And more importantly, do you know what your brand is? And again, it might not be the brand of your business. It might be just you, your personal brand.

If you work inside a large Corporation, how do people view you? Are you a subject matter expert in anything? Are you the person that people go to for help or for advice? Are you a person that people stay away from? Maybe you’re not the most pleasant person in the office, and maybe that is your brand. And oftentimes we’re proud of it. And oftentimes it needs work. And one of my favorite favorite things to talk about, especially with new managers, is how do you want to be perceived within the office? How do you want your peers to perceive you? How do you want your subordinates? And how about the people that you work for?

So I’d ask you, what is your brand? And if you don’t like the brand that you stand for, how do you go about changing it? Well, first and foremost, it’s to know what it is. And what do you stand for? I think it’s an important question to ask yourself. Number one, what is my brand? And two, if you don’t like it, how do you change it? And usually it’s just very small things. It’s helping out, it’s being seen, it’s being the go to expert in a certain subject.

So I’ll leave you with what is your brand? And if you like it, advertise it. And if you don’t, maybe it’s time to change it.


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