Well I hope you’re all off to a great 2021.

Today I thought I’d talk a little bit about the power of Employee Engagement and when I think about Employee Engagement my number one goal is to have the entire company rowing in the same direction. Where some of you might say everyone has the eye on the prize and that takes a little bit of effort and some thinking in a lot of different areas of the company.

I’ll give you a few examples the actual job function that people are performing. Pay attention to how they do what they do, why they do what they do, and can we make it easier for them to do what they do. Maybe it’s software. Maybe if it’s a new piece of Hardware like a headset. Maybe it’s manufacturing something on their Cube that makes it easier for them to process something.

Paying attention to what’s done and how it’s done and making the employees jobs easier to do will get them much more engaged and enthusiastic about coming to work. One way of capturing Employee Engagement. What about opportunities? So we have about 115 employees currently at Brokers International and it’s difficult to tell every single employee that there’s an opportunity for future growth.

Sometimes there aren’t or there isn’t that next job but often it’s not about moving up; it’s about participating in any special project. Maybe it’s a new skill someone can obtain. Maybe it’s doing something in the community that they haven’t done before. Maybe it’s representing the company at a conference or on a conference call where they haven’t before. Maybe it’s a special research project where you choose someone based on a skill set that they use but not on a daily basis.

Providing opportunities for visibility for a new opportunity to learn something also allows your employees to feel more engaged. Obviously we look at compensation always but it’s much more than just their pay. What are our benefits? Our benefits are changing.

I know recently we had a discussion of creating a remote work policy especially now since we’ve been working remotely now for about nine months. We are instituting a new policy which our employees have been asking for that listening from the management team as to employees concerns has created a lot more engagement so I’ll challenge you this year make this the year of Employee Engagement and see just how powerful that can be to help your organization good luck.

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