Hey everyone. As always, I hope this video finds you well. I’m asked quite often, “Hey Mark, when should I seek advice from a financial professional?”And I always have the same answer. As early on in your career as possible. Do it now.

And if you haven’t done it yet, find someone today. The repercussions of the decisions you make about your own finances and your financial plan could last a lifetime. And I know many of you are do-it-yourselfers, and I applaud that. And you can find a lot of answers to your questions online or through friends and family.

The challenge becomes when you start building a portfolio and the implications of one thing that you own versus another, or the tax implications of selling something or transferring ownership. And the best example I can give you is just with a simple idea of savings.

So you want to start a savings account? I applaud that. Great. Good for you. What do you save in? What are the tax implications of what you’re saving in? How risky is what you’re saving in? What happens if you die and you have to pass on that savings to someone else? What’s the tax implication to that person? Should it be qualified or non-qualified?

Just the question of having a savings account leads to a whole bunch more questions, which you mayor may not be able to answer. And without someone understanding your picture, your wants, your desires, your responsibilities, your needs, your family’s needs. Putting that picture together and deciding how to do things and when to do things is as important as deciding to do them.

So direct question is as early in your career as possible or as young as possible. Seek financial advice. Find someone you trust and share with them all of your wants and your needs and your desires.

Be honest with how much you make and how much you can save, because the answers to those questions will have lifelong effects for you. I wish you luck.

Take care.

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