About the Episode

In this episode, kick back with Host Mark Williams as he chats with Jimmy Pomerance, the founder and brains behind Impact Speakers, about finding that perfect harmony between work and play.

Jimmy takes us on a nationwide adventure, sharing his experiences teaching courses and sprinkling wisdom throughout the journey. From painting a picture of the perfect Saturday morning to prioritizing quality over quantity, the pair delves into the need for a healthy work-life balance to prevent burnout. So sit tight, because this conversation is about to strike a chord that’ll resonate long after the podcast ends.”

Jimmy Pomerance
Founder of Impact Speakers

A nationally recognized presentation, communication and sales skills consultant, Jim Pomerance is well known for his skill at teaching bold, innovative, “out of the box” strategies for getting results—no matter the changes or challenges in the marketplace. In his consulting business, Jim serves as a keynote speaker at national conferences; conducts breakout sessions and “lunch-and-learns”; runs presentation skills seminars; and travels in the field with wholesalers and registered representatives to help teach, coach, and train them to increase their productivity and deliver greater results.

A former expert consultant with one of America’s leading presentation skills companies—Jim has worked extensively with top performers in financial services as a National Sales Training Director for AIG SunAmerica and Cole Capital Markets, and as a Southern Division Sales Manager for Sun Life Financial Services.

Jimmy uses his unique coaching techniques to help financial advisors and wholesalers build the presentation and sales skills they need to capture their audience’s attention and their business. With a background performing improvisational comedy, his speeches and seminars are humorous, entertaining, and full of energy. That serves to keep his audiences engaged, which also helps ensure that the message is well received.

Jimmy and his wife Tobi are both South Florida natives. After living in Atlanta for 18 years, they’ve moved back home and now reside in Boynton Beach. Tobi has been a realtor for many years both in S. Florida and Atlanta. 34-year-old daughter Erica lives and works in Chicago. His 40-year-old son Jared and daughter-in-law Monica live nearby with Jimmy’s grandsons, Nason and Asher.

Jim is an avid tennis and Pickleball player and is the lead vocalist in a local band. He loves to socialize with family and good friends.