About the Episode

This episode features Anthony Vernon, an Advisor at StaunchInvest discussing his experiences with burnout while working for startups in New Zealand and managing a busy travel schedule. He shares how he dealt with stress and guilt while working to prove a new business vertical and also the personal strategies he uses to prevent burnout, like reading books daily and having clear financial and home design goals. This conversation focuses on Anthony’s career path, work-life balance as a father, and how he recharges through different activities.

Anthony Vernon
Advisor at StaunchInvest

I have performed senior executive commercial roles for high growth and leading edge SAAS and technology companies, for over ten years, specializing in transformative GTM planning, sales growth, competitor analysis, market re-positioning, as well as forecasting, pipeline management, processes, and technology set-up. This work has given me the opportunity to live in Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United States, while doing business on almost every continent in the world.

I have been fortunate enough to take on Regional Director roles in the UK, selling complex Asset Management, CAD, and BIM solutions to blue chip clients, to helping grow seed funded SAAS startups in New Zealand – leading the company through a transformative market pivot and growth period into global markets. Recently, I have been working for a boutique software development agency in Portland, Oregon, helping grow their revenue by 50% in ~ 2 years, with new pipeline processes, repositioning, new ICP, competitor research, and pricing strategy. In addition to this work, I also provide  advisory services to a hedge fund on their technology investments as well as consultative services to SAAS and AI companies looking for commercialization and execution support.

In my spare time, I read, enjoy art, movies, museums and learning. I have also performed volunteer work as a soccer coach for under-represented communities and children in the Portland region.