About the Episode

In this eye-opening episode with Pleasure Allen, VP of Human Resources at Broker’s International, we delve into the societal shift towards relentless busyness and its profound impacts on our free time, work quality, and overall well-being. Join us as we dissect the key historical and contemporary milestones — from rapid technological advancements to the pressures of a global pandemic — that have led us to our current state of ‘always-on’ culture. We confront the hard-hitting research that paints a concerning picture of our shrinking leisure time and its ripple effects, like increased stress and burnout. Tune in for a transformative journey towards Balance, Not Burnout.

Pleasure Allen headshot

Pleasure Allen and her family are residents of the West Des Moines community.

As a professional, Pleasure is a Human Resource executive with over 15+ years of responsible and progressive experience in Human Resource Management as well as Operations Management.

Pleasure’s professional experiences include executive level management, strategic program management, training/employee development, resource and budget forecasting, organizational development, and employee relations.

Pleasure is currently the Vice President of Human Resources for the nation’s largest independent distributor of life, and health insurance products. Pleasure has a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s degree in leadership, pursuing her Doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership.

Pleasure is also the Chief Executive Consultant and Owner of Allen Consulting.