I’m asked often when when should I start investing or at least saving? And the earlier, the better.

This is one of those questions that really time is on your side. You want to start as early as you can to get the advantage of compound interest. So as you put your money in a savings vehicle, that money is going to earn interest. And of course, it’s earning money without doing anything.

So the more you can put into that account earlier, the better.

But then you might ask, “What if I couldn’t save when I was younger and now I’m a little bit older, making a little bit more money now I can save?”

Well, now you have to make up for that short for that shortfall. So you want to up the amount that you would save normally because now you have to catch up.

So again, general rule? Start saving as early as you can and quite frankly, as much as you can.

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