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“Nobody follows a leader who only talks the talk. Either lead the way or get out of the way.”


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How to Make Core Values Matter at Your Organization

I’ve learned that when you effectively and consistently communicate your core values, and tie your core values to employees’ everyday work, they really can drive bottom line results for your business. That’s why core values matter.


Compensation That Pays: Encouraging Performance by Rewarding Employees

Rewards and recognition are like religion. If you practice your beliefs once or twice a year, it doesn’t impact your behavior. It’s the same with reward systems for employees. If the only raise your employees receive is tied to company performance metrics that are reported on once a year, you’ve done nothing but mask a cost-of-living adjustment in merit-based pay.


Walking With Mark: Valuing Mentorship

On today’s walk, I thought I would talk about the value of mentorship. And in my career, I’ve had the opportunity both to be a mentor and a mentee. And regardless of the role I was in, I found that the information that I got from that relationship was invaluable.


Mentoring: Successful People Ask for It

A mentor is someone who shortens your professional learning curve by sharing advice based on their experience facing situations you are facing or will face down the road. The right mentor can help you become a seasoned leader, faster.