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“Nobody follows a leader who only talks the talk. Either lead the way or get out of the way.”


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How Can You Forecast in a Crisis?

At the beginning of the year (or your fiscal year) you set a budget, based on a certain run rate of sales to expenses. Whatever you run, you will guesstimate your sales and the expenses required to make those sales.


How To Re-Enter the Business World Post-COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to close their doors or operate at extremely reduced capacities. Those that have stayed open have done so by moving their workforce to a remote setting. That’s what happened to us at Brokers International. And here’s how we’re responding.


Focus on Collaboration: The Value of Relationships and Authenticity in Insurance Marketing. My Industry Chat With Renee Hamlen

Being authentic is probably the most important thing you can do in this business. I believe the ball starts to roll when your customers, friends, relationships, and community truly believe that you care and that you understand them. Once you get the flywheel of referrals going, that’s when the business becomes a lot of fun. It’s important take the time and effort to connect and prove yourself as authentic and caring.


The Technology of Transformation

Clearly the insurance industry is ripe for some major changes. If you look back over the last five to seven years, there has been an InsurTech and Fintech explosion. Here’s how Brokers International is helping professionals navigate that landscape.


Mentorship, Personal Branding and Sales Tips That Work

I think one of the weakest links in the sales process for most agents is follow-up. As a salesperson, we make assumptions about our customers and act on those assumptions without asking people what they need or want. But if you don’t call your customers, someone else will.


My Industry Chat with Terry McGrath – Using Media to Solve Business Problems

Here’s a taste of what my interview with Terry covered: “Frankly, a lot of data is dirty. Everybody thinks data is the solution and the nirvana and therefore they can drop basic best practices of really doing advertising correctly. It’s really stimulated short-term-itis for many companies. Data is an important variable not the only variable.”